Many of us are interested in finding out the chances of getting some rainfall at a given place such as Bangalore in a given period (for example, the last week of June or the month of July) . While prediction of what would happen in this season, particularly at a given place like Bangalore, is difficult, it is possible to derive the probability of rainfall within a given range for a given period from the daily rainfall data which is available (in this case) for a hundred years. You can now find out the chance of getting some ( or no ) rainfall in a given period (ranging from a single day to an year) derived from such data, for 174 stations in Karnataka.

       We are grateful to the Drought Monitoring Cell, Government of Karnataka. for providing the daily rainfall data from which this information is derived.

       We would welcome suggestions on the kind of information needed as well as the display.

Sulochana Gadgil 
Pulla Reddy