Debasis Sengupta

           Assistant Professor 


  Phone:   +91-80-360-0450 
  Fax:       +91-80-360-0865 

            Mailing Address
  Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 
  Indian Institute of Science 



  Research interests


       Research interests

  •   Oceanography 
  •   Physics of the Indian Ocean 
  •   Tropical Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction 
  •   Predictability of Ocean and Climate
  •   Ocean modellling 




         Refereed publications:

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          Other publications:

  1. Prakash, L. H., D. Sengupta, G. Iyengar and A. K. Bohra 1991: Ocean feedback to monsoon rains in northern Bay of Bengal.  Implications for the medium range weather forecasts.  NCMRWF Tech. Report, 1/91. 
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  3. Sengupta, D., R. Senan, G. Suresh Kumar and C. Kalyani Devasena  (1999): Intraseasonal variability of the northeast Indian Ocean circulation in an ocean model. CAOS Report 99AS2. 


 Conference Proceedings:

  1. Sengupta, D. and Y. S. Prahalad 1985: Planetary wave propagation across a rough ridge.  Proc. 29th International Conf. Theor. Appl. Mech,  II-8, ISTAM. 
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