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Name of Student

Title of the thesis


Sudha Selvarajan

Study of Large Scale Air-Sea Interactions in the Tropics using a coupled ocean atmosphere model

Ph.D.  (1991)

Saji N Hameed

Simulations of Tropical Surface Winds: Seasonal Cycle and Interannual Variability

Ph.D.  (1997)

Saji N Hameed

A new parameterization of atmospheric heating for single models of relevance to ENSO

M.Sc.(Engg.)  (1993)

K Rajendran

Predictabillity of tropical coupled ocean-atmosphere model and its dependence on initial conditions 

M.Sc.(Engg.) (1994)

Sajani Surendran

Stability of the coupled ocean-atmosphere system with annually varying coupling 

M.Sc.(Engg.) (1994)

Manu Anna Thomas

Low frequency interdecadal and interannual variability in the tropics 

M.Sc.(Engg.) (1999)

R S Ajaya Mohan

Intra-seasonal Oscillations and Inter-annual Variability of the Indian Summer Monsoon

Ph. D. (2002)

Retish Senan

Dynamics of intraseasonal variability of circulation in the north Indian Ocean

Ph. D. (to submit) 

Prince K Xavier

Empirical extended range predictions of dry and wet spells of the Indian summer monsoon

M.Sc.(Engg.) (2002)